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Graphic Design

First of all, if we talk about Graphic Design and its History Briefly;We can say that it is the area where 2-Dimensional Visual works, that can be evaluated as Digital and Printed, are applied. Graphic Design was originally from BC; Cave paintings and expressions are considered as pioneers of Graphic Designs. We can say that the concept of Graphic Design came to life in the commercial sense with the Industrial Revolution, long after it started to be used with religious or political announcements drawn by the artists. At first, after the usage of the products produced by the Designers, created the visual advertisements with the work; it has become a growing and developing sector by corporate identities and promotional arguments of the companies as a need of today’s world.

At this point, the main thing is that creative ideas can have the right communication on the area or the plane to be applied, according to the human perception. With this orientation on the perception, it is the only structure that triggers factors such as the brand being prominent, memorable and radiates confidence. Clients will often want to see creative ideas implemented as they like. Thus, we can say that creativity in terms of design and correct application of creativity itself in al aspects are the most important factors.

The Service Titles of Graphic Design Used Today and Which We Can Provide Are;

Logo Design

Identifying the needs and drawing the path to best result is at the top of all services. Which roads should be chosen during this journey is based on past experiences and foresight owners. With the less mistakes, more positivve results will appear.

Corporate ID Design

  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead and Continuation Paper Design (Soft & Hard Copy)
  • Diplomat Envelope Design (With / Without Window)
  • Bag Envelope Design
  • Folder Design
  • File Envelope Design
  • Bag Design
  • Cardboard Bag Design
  • Mail Signature Design
  • Printed Documents
  • Label Design
  • Sticker Design

Official Document Design

  • Invoice Design
  • Waybill Invoice Design
  • Shipment Design
  • Expense Compass Design
  • Collection and Payment Receipt Design
  • Special Invoice Design (Export Registered)
  • Accounting Forms Design (Cash Receipt, Collection Receipt)
  • Offer and Order Form Design
  • Job Follow-up Form Design

Stationery Products Design

  • Dangler Card Design
  • Invitation & Envelope Design
  • Greeting Card & Envelope Design
  • Pocket Presentation File Design
  • Corporate Folder Design
  • Presentation Folder Design
  • Fax Form Design

Media Design

  • Newspaper Ad and Advertising Design
  • Magazine Ad and Advertising Design
  • Social Media Ad and Advertising Design
  • Press Releases
  • Various Ad Designs
  • Mail Signature Design

Design of Printed Presentations

  • Catalog Design
  • Insert Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Magazine and Promotion Bulletin Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Paper Poster Design
  • Congratulation, Appreciation, Honor Certificate and Certificate Designs
  • Sticker / Label Design
  • CD Sticker and Envelope case Design
  • Ticket Slip Design
  • Menu Design
  • Booking Card Design
  • Loyality Card Design

Promotional Product Design

  • Agenda Design
  • Calendar Design
  • Notepad Design
  • Clock Design
  • Keychain Design
  • Mousepad Design
  • Pen and Pencil Set Design
  • Special Production Designs
  • Etc.

Promotional Material Design

  • Cloth Banner Designs
  • Flags
  • Pennant Design
  • Rollup Designs
  • Podium and Behind of Lectern Designs
  • Stand Designs
  • Billboard Designs
  • Spider Stand Designs
  • In-House Visual Designs
  • Building & Vehicle Dressing Designs

Textile Products Design

  • Hat Design
  • Apron Design
  • Workwear Design
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Polo T-Shirt Design
  • Collar Pin Design
  • Cufflink Design

Signage Design

  • Outside Institution Signage Design
  • Institutional Signage Design
  • Direction Signs Design
  • Internal Department Boards Design
  • Plaque Design
  • Success Award Design

Design of Printed Presentations

  • Box Design
  • Parcel Design
  • Cloth Bag Design
  • Nylon Bag / Bag Design
  • Cardboard Bag Design
  • Product and Price Tag Designs