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Our Digital Store Is Opened

Our Digital Store is now open. Today, my first writing was about the service store, which is a bit difficult to be included in advertising and agency services, and "Digital Store"Digital Storeas we call it.

Okay, okay, you say digital store, it's like your eyes are saying what is the difference.. E-commerce systems, which are in our lives now, have increased the level of convenience and accessibility in our lives and especially during the pandemic process. With these methods, we purchase products on the internet and live in a pattern that comes to our door. In the Digital Store layout, there is no product, but there is an order where you choose your service style. It is a subject that we have experienced for years that “Design” is a process that companies decide to get service from an agency that they can work in harmony with and because it is shaped according to their needs. At this point, while this order continues, we have put into service a ready-to-use order quickly, practically and with an affordable price.

Well, since those eyes are still looking the same, let me open the subject a little more; In agency services, the effort and time spent during the design process determines the budget. This budget determines the cost according to the competence level of the agency and the designers. For this reason, companies; they find the cost high or the design power low for the jobs they need. Considering the time spent, in fact, when an unsatisfied process occurs, it may result in loss of customers, loss of time so time and money. Our Digital Store is opened with the teachings of these reasons.

If it is necessary to explain with an example

The designs to be made in the Digital Store are pre-designed. You can see the design you will purchase beforehand, choose whether it is suitable for you or not; You can have it faster, more result-oriented and more affordable. To explain this with a small example; You want to have a Banner Design for your website. You know what kind of thing you need in your mind or you expect support from the person and agency that will provide this service. At this point, if one or more of the existing designs are suitable for the visual you need, the information you transmit can be well positioned on that design, revised in terms of size, color, visual and text, and delivered to you quickly and easily. Or you have researched on the Internet and you know what kind of Banner Designyou need. Then you can choose the most suitable one among our existing templates and purchase up to 12 installments with your credit card.

Of course, this initiative made a number of different types of services possible. One of them is the"Agency Service Package"that gathers today's digital needs. Well, let me explain more before your eyes askes ‘what is it?’. Previously needed in company setups; We are aware that "Logo Design" and "Corporate Identity Designs" are not sufficient for today's digital expectations. Therefore;"Starter Package""for New Established companies and Startups, For larger organizations or those who want to grow their company;"Standart Package"and for multinational and larger companies. If these are light for you, we have prepared packages such as "Premium" and for different needs you can contact us with "Please Get An Offer" links. As a result of the contract that will be valid during the Construction Period; By combining contents such as Logo Design, Corporate Identity Designs, Website Design and Social Media Management, it was possible for us to create packages both for a single point multi-service solution and by applying the discount of the service received together.

We Designed Our Job Before Your Job.

We have started to serve with a business model that is analytical, affordable, fast and has today's digital expectations. Those who know will know, we are designers and we designed our work before we design your work. We will take this process forward together. Before I forget; Our Digital Store is now open. Our Digital Store Is Opened

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