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We Moved Businesses to Homes

While there are alternatives such as Lentil, Tarhana, Noodle, we don’t leave our homes due to the Covid case, which is said to spread from a bat soup. Although both security and prohibitions are the solution, I think; During this pandemic process, which I think is the cause of those who dream of "If I don't go to work today, I can work from home with my tracksuits", which we have heard for years, we had to fit huge lives in our 80m² flats. During this process, we realized how good people are in the households we live with. By taking healthy nutrition, sports, meditation and many new activities into our lives, we even enabled the companies supplying these products to increase their sales prices.

Of course, we also moved our workplaces to our homes. We established our workplaces without physical visits, signs and addresses, and now everything is digital. This means that there are some precautions that especially small and medium-sized companies should take to prevent them from getting lost in digital media. Even though this situation is more comfortable for companies; Turkey is about 20 ears behind in the terms of global digitalization, thus a number of factors strikes as a risk.

There is no need to mention big companies anyway. They probably made their 10-year planning at the beginning of the pandemic process and, as always, they have turned to increasing their advertising budgets in times of crisis. When we look at the media today, even companies that have not been advertised until today buy TV advertisements. In these situations, it can be seen as usual that companies that increase their advertising & promotion activities and endure during the crisis period return to normal more strongly when the process is completed. If there is a time like that, of course.

Then, it is necessary to develop a set of rules that medium-sized and smaller businesses like us should do, and that is to be created by people who can follow this process. Now I would like to list these rules in a little headlines, because again, as if your eyes say what are these rules;

  • Creating a Stable Working Order
  • Brand Positioning in Digitalization
  • Brand Availability in Dijitalization
  • Increasing Brand Reliability in Digitalization
  • Also let's not make mistakes to draw attention

Creating a Stable Working Order

Before this pandemic everyone would get up early in the morning, to do sports, to take a shower, after that everyone would throw himself out of the houses to start their work day. Now, let alone going out, some of us have to spend their days between the same four walls. It is obvious that these factors are exhausting us physically and mentally. However, it is in our hands to manage this situation. Applying the routine of going to work every day will mentally prepare the mind for business life.

First of all, create your working order at home. Separate these two layouts each day without working on your sofa where you sit and relax, enjoy spending time. Establishing this distinction will help us to separate the ambience of the home environment from the ambiance of the business life, to give our perception to our work in a more controlled manner and to take our perception out of it in our personal time.

Certain colors have certain meanings and feelings. With a little research, it can determine which colors are suitable for you while separating the living space and the business area. You can organise this decoration in your area even with small touches.

In addition to these, providing fixed arrangements in our working order and arranging the home environment and work environment in certain colors in our home life will trigger us to relax and focus spiritually by moving both environments away from each other. Likewise, this layout can be supported with objects, figures, models, notebooks and books. For example, if your books are in your business environment, do not put them in the home environment, or on the contrary, if you are in a home environment, you can support this perception by not putting them into your business environment. A suggestion from me; If you are someone who takes notes, uses diaries or notebooks in your business life, never position notebook-type things in the home environment. Let those reminders remain in office layout on the office side.

Brand Positioning in Digitalization

After creating this order, it is time to increase work efficiency. Regardless of the position of your company or brand in social life, the importance of being able to stay in digital is increasing day by day with the support of compulsory reasons. If digital branding is brought to certain standards, such as the rules you create for your company. Strong foundations are established in the long run. For example; Cleaning your social media profiles and website is as important as the cleaning your company in its physical location. You can support the positioning of your brand by having an order in digital world as well.

If we determine this order with a few titles;

  • To share quality, clean and informative posts about your business

It can be emotional, educational, empathetic and fun. You can determine which ones are more suitable for your sector, in order of priority and design your shares.

  • Sharing regularly and making you feel available

Posts made on social media are constantly forgotten and continuity is expected from your followers. At this point, it is very important to make posts that make you feel that you exist, that you are standing, especially in this period. What should be considered here is to ensure that continuous sharing is carried out without boring your followers.

  • Planning Corporate Shares

No matter what sector your industry is, you probably have your counterpart and competitor. At this point, it is necessary to understand the brand’s meaning a little. Brand; The meaning of "distinctive" is what separates you from other sectors and your competitors. If we examine it from this point of view, the continuity of a feature that distinguishes your social media posts, especially your Logo design, from others is very important. It can be a color, a sound, a template, etc., depending on the industry. To determine this and ensure its continuity, your followers will understand and feel that the image belongs to your brand even without looking at your logo or seeing your company as of the moment it appears.

Brand positioning is so catchy for the Doritos brand that advertising without a logo has been transformed into a 3-month promotional campaign.

Brand Availability in Dijitalization

Searching in digital media is the act of showing the averages resulting from the evaluation of many algorithms. Even if we don't understand this, thinking right is enough for availability. It is very important to set off with the motto "Asking the right question brings the right answer". If your industry is a company selling baby products, your target audience is of course not babies. It is mostly mothers who have given birth, have just given birth, will give birth, have decided to give birth, and fathers with their spouses. Or if you are providing products to the elderly, your target audience is not the elderly alone, but also the children of those elderly who will buy the product, who have been able to absorb e-commerce and digitalization. However, since the ones who will use the product are the elderly themselves, determining the goals and plans correctly in this direction will give you positive feedback in the long run.

Increasing Brand Reliability

I can say that this is one of the topics that should be emphasized the most before digitalization. In today's marketing approach, it is much more important to satisfy the already existing customer and keep the brand alive rather than finding new customers. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to increase “Brand Reliability” by asking yourself the right questions suitable for your sector and to reflect this trust visually and sensually to your followers.

Also let's not make mistakes to draw attention

Today, many social media users are trying to become a "phenomenon" for various reasons. By falling into this perception in companies, they live the old Turkish phrase "losing the bulgur in hand". Rather than how many people follow your social media account for your business, it is much more important to know who follows. It is 100,000 times better for 1,000 potential customers to follow you than 50,000 people who are not related to your business.

We hear a sentence from many people and our customers on this subject; "We got so many advertisements with a big budget, there was not as much return as we expected .." or worse than that, "Let's buy advertisements with a big budget, our sales did not increase." I think it is necessary to write a separate blog post on this subject. Returning to the previous saying; I would like to explain with an example without a name. If you know well who your target audience is, you will know who you should advertise on. It is important not how many people click on your ad but how much interaction there is. We had purchased Google ads for GeyiG Agency, as in July 2020, only 3 companies made a phone call. One was an international foundation, the other was an international home textile company, and the third was a food company that produces and sells tomato paste and pickles known in the industry. This was our goal anyway, to reach companies of this volume. We have reached our goal, at this point, we cannot say why a Tomato company called but not an olive company. However, we can see how appropriate the goal-result relationship is with this result.

For this reason, people who reach you; If they reach you for their own advertisements and promotions, if they ask about products & services that are not related to your business, if they reach you outside of your target audience, there is a problem in planning.

To sum this up briefly; Get an Agency Service. 🙂

This was too short, if we shorten it a little longer; Planning and strategizing are very important in social media channels. If you do the analysis first; If we know what we are and in what position we are, we know what we are not, we can draw a road map to the position we want to be and make our planning by determining a period of time. Taking a journey by paying attention to the above factors will give you the right process for your brand.

Onur Tulunay - Agency President / Industrial Designer

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